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Tsukuba International Forum

The following information is from Kristou Mehrez, the founder of Tsukuba International Forum.

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Tsukuba International Forum, “TIF” is a newly established forum that offers web-based services for the residents of Tsukuba. It is voluntary forum so it is made by Tsukubians for Tsukubians with idea in mind to help the international community to keep in touch.

The forum started with the following services, and will be expanding soon according to members requests and the level of interaction:

Full Archiving and Categorization for the Messages Sent Over TAIRA Mailing List.

  • If receiving dozens of emails a day (sometimes even more!) bothers you, you can visit this page to take a look on the last updates sent over TAIRA (No registration requirements).
  • All messages are categorized according to their title tag ([info], [sale], etc.). So if you are interested in only certain types of posts, you can filter them by one mouse click.
  • TAIRA emails which reply other emails will be viewed as: on original post, and replies to that post. Thus, reducing the number of entries in the forum and facilitating browsing its content.
  • Tsukuba International Forum is not in any way a replacement of TAIRA mailing list. TIF will just make an organized and transparent view on the messages sent over TAIRA.
  • Members of TAIRA will continue to communicate by emails as before, as if TIF was never created. However, an archive of all messages is created in the forum and can be checked by members who want to.
  • Members can still post their replies immediately on the forum, without the need to send emails to TAIRA. This might be useful in some scenarios of sales announcements.
  • Any post in the forum will NOT be forwarded to TAIRA.

Photo Album

  • The forum provides its registered members with the ability to create albums and upload their photos there. This service can be very helpful for people who want to announce a sale and post pictures along with their announcement.

A Forum for Discussion

  • Those members who are interested in discussing topics related to science, research, politics, religion, etc. can do so on the forum.
  • Members can create a new topic (under some categorization scheme), and all other members can post their opinionsinforeplies to that topic.
  • In such forum, members who are not interested in some discussions will be saved from the piles of emails filling their inbox as happens on mailing lists.

Can be Accessed Through Cellular Phones, PDAs.

  • Members who want to keep updated with certain topics and posts can register their email addresses, and an update will be sent to them by email.