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Petition to Abolish Mandatory Fingerprinting in Japan

From BAD IMPRESSIONS: Japan’s new policy of fingerprinting foreigners is cack-handed and callous by Arudou Debito, Metropolis Magazine, October 26, 2007, Issue #709

If you haven’t heard about the new immigration procedure coming into effect next month, it’s time you did. It will affect not only tourists and frequently traveling businesspeople, but also long-term residents. You will be targeted by a useless and xenophobic system, treated as fresh off the boat no matter how long you’ve lived here.

From November 20, 2007, all foreigners crossing the border into Japan will have their fingerprints and mug shots taken. Their biometric data will be stored for 70 years, and shared with other governments just in case of—well, just in case.

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What can you do?

Sign the petition. (There is also a Facebook cause page.)

Print bilingual protest letters and hand them in as you clear Customs.

Any other ideas?