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TsukuBlog Moving to a New Domain

TsukuBlog is moving to the following domain.


Please bookmark this new link.

The content of the site is being transferred over the next few days. The posts have already been moved, but the photos are still on their way.

Due to this move, some of the early authors of the site are now listed as “Alien Times” instead of their own names. This is due to the fact that the site is moving to WordPress.com. On this new domain, all authors need to have WordPress.com accounts in order to have posts attributed to them, but there wasn’t enough time (due to the fact that the Alien Times website was hacked and we needed to move the site quickly) to ask all of the authors to make accounts before we did the transfer.

If this has affected you and you would like your posts to be attributed to you on the new site, please comment on this post with your WordPress user name and we will invite you to join the blog on the WordPress.com site.

Thank you for your understanding.

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