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African Restaurant in Tsukuba: The Hub

From the TAIRA mailing list:

A new Restaurant called “THE HUB RESTAURANT & BAR” has just opened in Tsukuba. It’s an African restaurant with delicious and traditional African meals. It’s located on the second floor of the Richmond Building, room 203, at Amakubo 1-10-18. It’s the 4th building behind the 7/11 at Amakubo, close to the Medical Centre.

Come and have a taste of traditional African food and spicy soup with some African special BEER and more.

Open: Lunch to Midnight

One Comment

  • GULAB JAMUN says:

    I’m Japanese living in Ami-Machi.
    I’m interested in African restaurant.
    I searched “The HUB” with google,but couldn’t find HUB’s website…

    Please tell me how much the average of lunch menu price,and,the menu you recommend.Is it reasonable price?

    Last question,is this restaurant serves North African dish(for example:Egyptian,Tunisian) or South African? pls tell me.

    (Please be patient with my poor English)