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Open House Events at NIES and AIST

The National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES) and the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) will hold open house events tomorrow (Saturday, July 21, 2007).

Information about NIES Open House

Information about AIST Open House

I will be giving English tours of NIES at 10:30am and 2pm. The (tentative) itinerary for the tours is as follows.

  • Go to the Center for Global Environmental Research to ask researchers questions (in English!) about the reality of climate change
  • Go to the Research Laboratory for Material Cycles and Waste Management to play a “Waste Diet Shopping Game” and learn about burning garbage in Japan
  • Go to the Time Capsule Building to see an experiment with liquid nitrogen and learn about the environmental specimens that are stored in this building
  • Go to the Aquatron Building to learn how to guess the age of fish from their ear stones (otoliths)
  • Go to the Environmental Risk Research Laboratory to learn about the fish of Tokyo Bay and get a chance to touch two different kinds of sharks (banded dogfish, bullhead shark), octopus, and shrimp
  • Complete the stamp rally and receive a prize (potted plant)
  • Finish the tour with optional activities:
    • Do a water taste test, learn about the differences between foreign and domestic stag beetles, and talk live to a researcher who is currently stationed in Antarctica (Ohyama Hall)
    • Drive an electric car (you must have a valid Japanese drivers license)
    • Go up 15m in a cherrypicking truck to see the heat produced by the things in the environment (using thermography)

(This plan can be altered according to the interests of the participants.)

There are free buses leaving from Tsukuba Center every 10 minutes from platform 9. To arrive at NIES on time for the tours, please catch a bus at 10:00, 10:10, or 10:20 (for the morning tour) or at 13:30, 13:40, or 13:50 (for the afternoon tour).

Hope to see you at NIES tomorrow!

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