A Local Perspective on Life in Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan.

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Metropolis is a weekly English magazine about events and activities in Tokyo. It also includes restaurant and bar reviews and a lead story that gives a good sense of what Tokyo and Japan are all about. You can get copies of Metropolis for free at Tsukuba Information Center, but if you aren’t likely to stop by the Information Center on a regular basis, you might want to consider subscribing instead.

Metropolis magazine

There is a subscription form available on the Metropolis website. You can also subscribe by fax if you print out the form on the same page. You can choose three different subscription terms.

  • 12 Issues – ¥4,000
  • 24 Issues – ¥7,500
  • 48 Issues – ¥14,000

Your subscription will be complete when you send your money (by furikomi) to the Crosscross bank account. (Crisscross is the company that owns Metropolis.) Their account is with the Kojimachi Branch of Mizuho Bank. To help you with the furikomi, here are the kanji you need.

Bank: みずほ銀行
Branch 麹町支店

If you like to keep up with what is happening in Tokyo and Japan, I highly recommend getting a subscription to this magazine.


  • Prima Cabina says:

    Actually, I like to listen to “Tokyo METPOD”, the Metropolis Magazine Podcast.
    It is very useful for foreign people who are living in and around Tokyo to get events information and Japanese cultural topics, but also it is helpful for Japanese people who are learning English because contents are related to Tokyo and Japanese culture. It is probably easier to understand than other podcastings in English, I guess. :-)

  • Brink says:

    Tsukuba Information Centre has not had copies of Metropolis for over six months. They stopped delivering for some reason.

  • Shaney says:

    I noticed that there weren’t any copies at the Information Center the last time I went, but I thought that maybe they were just out. I just wrote a letter to Metropolis to ask why they are not delivering to Tsukuba anymore. Hopefully we can figure out what is going on…

  • Shaney says:

    I wrote a letter to Metropolis to ask them about this situation. They said:

    “…we have stopped delivering our magazines to the Tsukuba
    Information Center since January due to the changes in our business policy. We have so far decided that we cannot get as much profit as we thought to deliver our magazines to areas other than the inner-city district. However we might in the future decide to deliver them to places far from Tokyo if our strategy changes.”

    I wrote back to say that Metropolis is a very useful resource for
    foreign residents of Tsukuba and that I urge them to rethink their policy.

    If you agree, please write a letter to the editor
    (editor[AT]metropolis.co.jp) and tell them so. If enough of us write, perhaps we can get them to reverse their policy.