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11th Dragon Boat Race Competition in Kasumigaura City

Dragon boat race competition to take place this Sunday in Kasumigaura City.

11th Dragon boat race competition in Kasumigaura
When: July 1, Sunday, from 9:00 to 15:15
Where: Kasumigaura Lake in front of Ayumisaki Park in Kasumigaura City (Map)

It looks like this is a very serious competition unlike the kind of dragon boat race where participants decorate their boats for fun. Click here to see the picture from last year’s competition.

Ayumisaki Park is a tiny park with a VERY tiny aquarium, but it still is a nice to place to spend your day. I see many sons and fathers fish while moms and other kids play in the park every time I go there. A castle-shaped local historical museum and a really good nature park for kids and families are within walking distance of Ayumisaki Park. The competition site (Ayumisaki Park) is about 30 to 40-minute drive from Tsukuba.

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