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Jundo Cohen’s Long Anticipated Work on Zen Master Dōgen Comes Out to Rave Reviews

The Zen Master’s Dance – A Guide to Understanding Dōgen And Who You Are in The Universe by Zen teacher (and long time Tsukuba resident) Jundo Cohen

The Zen Master’s Dance makes some of Zen’s subtlest teachings, deeply personal and freshly accessible.

Eihei Dogen—the thirteenth-century Japanese Zen Master of peerless depth and subtlety—heard the music of the universe that sounds as all events and places, people, things, and spaces. He experienced reality as a great dance moving through time, coming to life in the thoughts and acts of all beings. It is a most special dance, the dance that the whole of reality is dancing, with nothing left out. All beings are dancing, and reality is dancing as all beings.

In The Zen Master’s Dance, Jundo Cohen takes us deep into the mind of Master Dogen—and shows us how to join in the great and intimate dance of the universe. Through fresh translations and sparkling teaching, Cohen opens up for us a new way to read one of Buddhism’s most remarkable spiritual geniuses.



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