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Have you seen a ghost?

July 26 is 幽霊の日, or Day of Ghost in Japan.

You might go, “huh?,” but it’s a ghostly day for a reason. On that day in 1825, a very famous ghost story called 東海道四谷怪談 (Toukaidou Yotsuya Kaidan) debuted in the Nakamuraza Kabuki Theater.

四谷怪談(Japanese wikipedia)
Yotsuya Kaidan (wikipedia)

If you are new to Japan, you may wonder why there are a lot of TV programs on ghosts, haunted places and ghost photographs lately. It’s all because summer is the “spooky” season over here. If you have kids, your kids may be attending a 肝試し (literally means “test one’s gut) event at local community hall or even in a graveyard!

So, just out of curiosity,
I’d like to ask the TsukuBlog readers this question:

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