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YMCA Ibaraki 2009 Summer Programs

Following article is from the June issue of the Alien Times.

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YMCA Ibaraki Summer School Programs


I: July 27 (Mon) to July 31 (Fri)
II: Aug. 3 (Mon) to Aug. 7 (Fri)
III: Aug. 17 (Mon) to Aug. 21 (Fri)
IV: Aug. 24 (Mon) to Aug. 28 (Fri)
Maximum enrollment: 20 children in each program

Time: Drop off your kid(s) at Ibaraki YMCA building between 9am and 9:30am and pick up your kid(s) between 6pm and 6:30pm during 5-day program. This summer school is for elementary school-aged children.

Venue*: Ibaraki YMCA building in Tsukuba City

Activities: Kids visit nearby facilities such as library, swimming pool and park, and kids will make a trip to places outside of Tsukuba City such as the Ooarai Beach, the Aqua World Ooarai (aquarium), and the Ibaraki Botanical Garden in Naka City on Fridays.

Fee**: 25,000 yen
(22,000yen if YMCA’s after school program attendants or children of YMCA members)

* YMCA is planning to hold summer programs in Moriya, Tsukuba Mirai and Joso Cities. If you or anyone you know are interested, please check with Ibaraki YMCA.
** This fee covers the program fees, insurance fee, transportation expenses, admission fees to places kids visit and lunch and snacks for 5 days. Kids must bring packed lunch on Friday.

[About the YMCA Membership]
Membership starts 5000yen a year, and members and their children will be able to participate in the YMCA programs at the special discounted rates. They also receive discounts when they purchase items at the YMCA booth during Matsuri Tsukuba in August. Contact Ibaraki YMCA for more information.

How to Register:
Mail a postcard with the following information;

1. name of the Camp,
2. your name and address, phone/fax number, and
3. your child’s name, grade and name of the school,

to the contact address below.

YMCA Daycare Program Has Some Openings

YMCA Ibaraki’s childcare home (YMCA幼保園) has some openings. This daycare is intended for children who are 1 to 3 year old. They are open from 8am to 6pm, Monday thru Friday. Non-Japanese speaking children always welcome. This is a small daycare program, but they currently have children from countries such as UK, Spain, Australia, France and Japan. Feel free to contact them should you have any questions.

NPO Ibaraki YMCA Camp
24-7 Higashi Arai, Tsukuba City,
Ibaraki 305-0033

Mailing address in Japanese:
〒305-0033 茨城県つくば市東新井24-7
NPO法人 茨城YMCA キャンプ係

Website: http://www7.ocn.ne.jp/~ibay/
Phone: 029-852-4128*, Fax: 029-855-1947
Phone number for the childcare home is 029-861-8616.