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April 2008 Ibaraki JALT Presentation

On Sunday, April 27th, the Ibaraki Chapter of the Japan Association for Language Teaching will offer two presentations. All are welcome. There will be no charge. No pre-registration is necessary.

Date: Sunday, April 27
Place: Ibaraki Christian University, Hitachi Omika
Cost: Free
More info: http://www.kasei.ac.jp/jalt/

Morning Session (Part 1): 10:00 (Registration from 09:30)
Doing Culture Ethnographically/Study Abroad Programs
by Elaine Gilmour, Associate Professor, Miyagi Gakuin Women’s University

This presentation examines what an ethnographic approach to teaching culture is, and suggests components for a community based ethnography course. We’ll also consider the point of such a course from the students’ perspective, by looking at questionnaire response data provided by students who have participated in Study Abroad programs during their university experience.

Lunch Break: 12:00-14:00

Afternoon Session (Part 2): 14:00
Actually Teaching Listening
by Alastair Graham-Marr, ABAX
Teaching listening effectively means teaching both phonology and knowledge of discourse. A working knowledge of the phonology of natural connected speech, elisions and liaisons, weak forms and reductions helps students with their ‘bottom-up’ decoding skills. Developing student knowledge of discourse, particularly of scripts (those discourses in English that tend to follow a set pattern) helps them with their ‘top-down’ predictive skills.

JALT Ibaraki chapter meetings are open to all interested in learning and teaching languages. Abstracts for the presentations and access information for the venue, as well further information for future events are available on the chapter website.