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A Page Out of History

A poem by Ellen Talleon, resident of Tsukuba, in honour of Barack Obama’s inauguration as President of the United States

January 20, 2009

A Page Out of History

Why do I feel like this is my moment too
As do millions out there echo
My sentiment by their presence
And voices raised out loud.

Why do I feel as if
A new dawn has risen
On a new era
Full of fresh hope and inspiration.

Why do I feel like
I am one with millions of multitude
Braving the coldest winter chill
In the coldest month of the year.

Falling in line
Flying in from all over
A nation who once again
Can stand up brave
and proud.

Why do I feel
Even though I do not belong
To this country
The same pride and overflowing joy.

To bear witness to
A Man who does more
By being himself
Than by transforming himself.

A Man who might
And will bring
Transformation and Redemption
Through Unity and renewed Courage.

I am so stoked
And so proud
And so humbled
And so lucky to be.

Part of the generation
Who bears witness
Who extends welcome
And open hearts.

To the Man
Who represents
Not only himself
But all of us
Who came from everywhere and nowhere.