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Autumn mackerel (fresh, juicy and tasty!)

Autumn mackerel is divine – juicy, fresh, and easy to prepare!  Every family has its own recipe for “miso mackerel”…here is a recipe I have come up with after some experimentation.  I like mine strong-tasting but if you don’t, please adjust this recipe accordingly.  Takes only about 15 minutes!

SABA NO MISONI (serves four)

Mackerel – 4 pieces

1-2tbsp strained miso paste (I use 2)

1-2tbsp sugar (I use 2)

1tbsp mirin

dash to 1 tbsp soy sauce (I use 1tbsp)

1c sake (or 1/2c sake, 1/2water)

1-2 knobs of ginger, sliced (I use 2)

  1. Cut ginger into thin slices. (to make the fish tastier, lightly grill the mackerel in the fish burner)
  2. Pour 1 cup sake into pan and boil for 1-3 minutes. Add mackerel and ginger and boil 2-3 minutes. Lower heat slightly.
  3. Add sugar, mirin and miso (I like mine unstrained), cover and simmer for 10 minutes, turning occasionally. 

Optional: I like to add chunks of white konnyaku (lightly blanched beforehand) to the dish after the fish has been cooked.  This dish tastes better the next day, after it has soaked up the rich miso flavor!

I am not sure about the authenticity of my Japanese dish but if there are any Japanese cooks out there who might comment on the recipe or add some helpful tips, do not hesitate to do just that!