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Notice to Users of Panasonic Let’s Note Laptops

Since “Panasonic Let’s Note” laptop computers are hugely popular (at least in my institute) and I couldn’t find any information about this elsewhere in English, I thought people might like to know about this issue.


The following Panasonic Let’s Note laptops may display a hard disk error after installing Windows Vista update KB943899.

* CF-R6AW7AJP (BIOS V2.00L10)
* CF-R6AW7AJC (BIOS V2.00L10)

(I believe that these are all Japanese models, but I am not sure. Please check the model number on the bottom of your Panasonic Let’s Note laptop to be sure.)

Your laptop may be experiencing this problem if, after restarting it, you get an error message (“0200: Hard Disk Error 0”) and when you open your BIOS setup utility, the size of the hard disk is shown as 0GB.
If you own one of these computers, please see the following page (in Japanese) and follow the instructions.

To Owners of Panasonic Let’s Note CF-R6M/CF-R6A Series Laptops

If your Panasonic laptop has not already downloaded and installed the problematic Vista update (KB943899), try connecting to the internet with a different computer, downloading the appropriate BIOS update that they provide on the above page (see #5), and installing the BIOS
update on your Panasonic laptop. (Do not connect your Panasonic laptop to the internet until you have done this.) Please note that these BIOS updates will only work if you have not already installed the problematic Vista update.

This only applies to the above-mentioned models. If your model is not listed, do not install any of the BIOS updates.