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Computer Classes

Tsukuba Cultural Foundation is organizing an I.T. (Information Technology) training seminar for foreign residents. You can learn how to input hiragana or katakana into a personal computer and send email in Japanese. Also learn the best way to find useful Japanese web sites from search engines. Everyone is welcome. (Sorry, no small children, please.)

* The seminar will be in easy Japanese. English interpreter is available.

Date & time: February 4th (Sun.) 10:00a.m. to 12:00
Place: International Network Center
Member: 15 foreigners who live or work in Tsukuba
Lecturer: Mr. Kazuhiro Yamashima
Fee: 100 yen (text fee)
Application: By telephone or email
Registration & more information:

Tsukuba Cultural Foundation Tel.029-856-7007
Email class[AT]tsukubacity.or.jp