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New University “Re-Use” System

Hi Everyone,

Are you moving house or upgrading your appliances?

A new “Re-use” system has been developed by the Tsukuba University “Environmental Circle EcoRanger” (official student body, supported by University of Tsukuba office – campus life section), so that new students coming to Tsukuba can live economically and ecologically.

If you have appliances and household goods that you don’t need, please bring them to Ichinoya or Hirasuna dormitories in Tsukuba University on the following dates. They can also pick up your goods by car if necessary.

I think its a great idea, as every year there is always SO much stuff dumped at the dormitories that goes to waste. So, why not organise your things in March and give the things that you don’t need to the new students.


Household goods accepted:
Microwave oven, rice cooker, toaster oven, electrical appliances, TV, electric heater, desk lamp, etc. Only household goods in GOOD condition are accepted. Otherwise, they may reject your goods. Also, bicycles are accepted only with applicant’s copy of “Bicycle Theft Prevention Registration”.

Date, time, and location of receipt of goods:
3rd, 10th, & 25th March (also 26th & 27th March in Hirasuna)
9:00-11:30am, 13:00-15:30pm
Ichinoya and Hirasuna community bulidings (1Floor)

zdk[AT]stb.tsukuba. ac.jp

Website (Japanese)
http://www.stb.tsukuba.ac. jp/~zdk/weal/