A Local Perspective on Life in Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan.

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When our readers send in photos or links to their photo albums, we like to use those photos to decorate the blog.

If you have photos or photo albums of Tsukuba that you would like to contribute to the blog, please contact us.

December 2008

TsukuBlog has had a facelift! We have changed the theme to “Amazing Grace” and that has allowed us to publish random photos at the top of the screen.

December 2008 screenshot

If you would like to submit a photo, please contact us.

If you are familiar with photo editing software, please edit the photo so that it is the same size as the image below and add a caption to the photo. You can also credit the photo to yourself if you like.

Sample Photo for TsukuBlog

September 2008

Photographer: Shaney
Content: Flowers in Kawaguchi Park

September 2008 screenshot

March 2008

Photographer: Sajid
Content: Transition

March 2008

February 2008

Photographer: Jing Villareal
Content: The Day Snow Fell in Tsukuba

February 2008 screenshot

December 2007

Photographer: Jing Villareal
Content: Flaming Leaves (Doho Park)

December 2007 screenshot

November 2007

Photographer: Shaney
Content: Autumn Leaves

November 2007 screenshot

October 2007

Photographer: Shaney
Content: Higanbana (Red Spider Lily)

October 2007 screenshot

August 2007

Photographer: Shaney
Content: Pond in Doho Park as viewed from Ahiru Cafe

August 2007 screenshot

June 2007

Photographer: Shaney
Content: Bench at Amabiki Kannon

June 2007 screenshot

May 2007

Photographer: Prima Cabina
Content: Kenkyu Gakuen Station on the Tsukuba Express Line

May 2007 screenshot

March 2007

Photographer: Sajid
Content: Mt. Fuji as seen from Tsukuba.

March 2007 screenshot

February 2007

Photographer: Tim Boyle
Content: Plum blossoms on Mt. Tsukuba.

February 2007 screenshot