A Local Perspective on Life in Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan.

Remembering Pearl Harbor- while on a bus driving along Lake Kasumigaura- near the base where Japanese naval aviators trained for the attack of Dec. 7th 1941 » 4_ibaraki-st[1]

This road, which runs through the Ibaraki University`s Ami Campus was once known as the NAVY ROAD (KAIGUN DO-RO, 海軍道路) and was in fact the first PAVED ROAD in Ibaraki Prefecture. The Showa Emperor (Hirohito) paid four official visits to the huge naval base which once stood on this site and these were accompanied by grand procaessions down this road. The cherry blossoms, which bloom spectacularly in April are a reminder of the old days- as they are the symbol of the old Imperial Navy

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