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Strange Chord and Clear Skies (two songs I wrote and recorded with The TenGooz)

By Avi Landau

While I spent the most of the corona lockdown reading, watching movies and listening to music online, and exercising, my sons (I have three of them), were in other parts of the house, glued to their game-consoles for nearly all their waking hours. No, there was not much communication going on at all – and stubborn anti-video-gamer that I am, I never really even took a look at what was going on their screens. It was only after I very reluctantly gave into getting my eldest a new system for his birthday – one that hooks up to our wide-screen TV that I finally had a good look at what they were doing all day (and night) long – doing a lot of destroying and killing in a crazed imaginary world – which made me lament further over what the world is coming to!

Anyway, the insanely popular game my son is currently playing, reminded me of something – a video that someone ( I don`t know who) had posted on youtube. The reason I watched it was because it featured 2 of my original songs as its background music.

You can have a listen here – and I think you`ll find the frenetic bass, trombone and slide guitar a perfect compliment to all the mayhem in the video. Enjoy!

Strange Chord  (Words and Music by Avi Landau)

I like baseball and you like soccer

I’ve always been a folkie, you’re a rocker

I like dining on the finest French cuisine,

You like a shake and fries down at the Dairy Queen

These days I’m wondering whether we should stick together

We hit a very Strange Chord


My sense of humor’s dry and yours is caustic,

You’re an atheist, I’m an agnostic

I like makin’ love seven time a day

Seems like you’re always pushing me away

These days I’m wonderin’ whether we should stick together

We hit a very Strange Chord


When I’m soarin’ high you’re crawlin’ low

Your favorite stooge is Larry, mine is Mo

I like watching films that are avant-garde

You like the kind of flics with a core that’s hard

These days I’m wonderin’ whether we should stick together

We hit a very Strange Chord

The TenGooz are (in this incarnation)

Kenya Sagara  – trombone

Hase G (Nodoka Hasegawa) – bass

Fumi Tanaka – guitar

Jon Hicks – drums

Avi Landau – vocals

The second song (and the rest of the album) can be heard (for free)



Clear Skies

Well I heard that life`s a gamble
So I thought I`d hedge my bets
Put half my chips on health food
And the rest on cigarettes

Though I studied hard at college
Conscientious to a fault
I took all my teachers words
With a hefty grain of salt

They said a storm was coming round
I did not agree
There were clear skies far’s the eye could see

Well I’ve been to many places
All look different on one plane
But from another angle
They appear almost the same

Don’t be surprised by what you read
Or see on the tv
Cause history repeats itself with regularity

Climb up to the top
Of the highest tree
There’ll be clear skies
Far’s the eye can see

Let you spirit soar
Higher degree
Get your body tight
Set your mind free

Well the moral of this story
Might be very hard to tell
But whatever you set out to do
I hope you do it well

And if you ask me what Ive learned
I might give it a try
No matter how you live your life
You’ll live until you die

music by Avi Landau and Hase g
words by Avi

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