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What are Japanese Autumn Beers ? More than you might think !


Autumn beers

Two of Japan`s so-called Autumn beers

By Avi Landau

Though I see then every year – from September through November – displayed at convenience stores and supermarkets, I had never given what are marketed as Japan`s “Autumn Beers” much thought. And despite their very appealing deeply-hued “maple-leaf” can-designs, I had never bought or tried one. I had always seem them, and the banners that promote them, as mere seasonal decoration – like the ubiquitous plastic maple-leaf branches Japanese shops put up to celebrate the season ( a balance to the plastic cherry-blossoms of spring) – and nothing more. A way of connecting beer with the season – even after the “beer-season” – summer, had passed.

Cartons of Autumn Beer

Cartons of “Autumn Beer” stacked up at a Tsukuba supermarket

And that how I had  basically “written-off” as mere facade the so-called “Autumn-beers” – until the other day, that is.

What got me thinking differently about these beers – AND Japanese culture, in general, was another one of those chance encounters typical of the Tsukuba Science City – and one that lived up to my favorite slogan thought up by the hacks at the city-office : “Take a walk and meet a PhD “.

Autumn decorations

Autumn decorations in the lobby of the Okura Hotel in Tsukuba

The fateful conversation ensued when I said hello to the person sitting next to me while I reading the paper in a hotel lobby. He told me that he was a specialist in fermentation,  and was here in Tsukuba for a scientific meeting – and that he worked for one of Japan`s major beer producers.

With the hotel lobby decorated for autumn – chestnuts and straw sacks full of rice, my mind made the immediate connection: BEER COMPANY and AUTUMN – and the question that came out of my mouth (as if it had had a mind of its own) was : “What are autumn beers? Just a seasonal packaging and coloring?”

The answer that I got, though, really surprised me. I had always known that Japanese food culture was sophisticated – but what I learned had me more impressed than ever !

Another design

Another design


Autumn decorations

Autumn decorations

“No,” he said. ” It is not just packaging- though that is also surely important for enjoying the season. But for autumn, we create a beer that goes well with typical autumn foods in Japan – chestnuts, mushrooms, sanma (pike mackerel),, sweet potatoes, yams and so on…”

I really was quite taken aback by this answer, and had renewed respect for Japan`s famous sense of seasonality.

After saying good-bye to my new acquaintance I rushed off to the nearest convenience store and took an “Autumn Beer” out of the refrigerated display-case.  I quickly turned the cold can around so I could read the label – malt, hops, alcohol….. and corn-starch ???

Autumn motifed sweets

Autumn-motifed sweets – another way the Japanese celebrate the season !



The "Autumn Beer" corner at my local supermarket

The “Autumn Beer” corner at my local supermarket

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