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Thinking about visiting the Yasukuni Shrine on August 15 ?

Some of the characters who come back each year ( to the glee of photographers) on Aug 15 to Yasukuni Jinja
By Avi Landau

I have written extensively about my Aug 15th visits to the Yasukuni Jinja Shrine and my experiences at the (often violent) demonstrations (unreported by the Japanese media!) which take place nearby on the same date. Anyone interested in going tomorrow should read my former posts to get some idea of what to expect ( and what to be prepared for).






More people in costume on Aug 15th at Yasukuni Jinja

One Comment

  • Mark says:

    How unnerving it is to have right battling left in mid-August on
    both sides of the globe: Charlottesville NC – and downtown Tokyo near
    the Yasukuni Shrine. I have a feeling similar events will continue to
    grow larger and more violent. Interestingly, the battles in Tokyo are not covered by the media!