A Local Perspective on Life in Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan.

The Tsukuba Media Art Festival 2016 – fun for the whole family – and the five-senses! – at the Tsukuba Art Museum (Thru December 4th)


Meiwa Denki

Nobuyuki Tosa, founder of MEIWA DENKI,The biggest musical act ever to have come out of Tsukuba University (my band, The TenGooz once opened for them at a festival) will be playing a free concert at the Tsukuba Art Museum (in the same building as the Central Library) this coming Saturday at 3 PM. If you can`t make it to the show, there is a video presentation featuring some of the hilarious musical toys the unit has invented – it classic!

By Avi Landau

A visit to The Tsukuba Museum Of Art is almost always a stimulating and worthwhile  experience. Whether for a show of one of the surprisingly impressive  local art circles (which could be of painting, sculpture, calligraphy, photography, crafts etc.), student exhibitions (either university or high school) or to see the works of  famous or not- so- famous professionals.

One of my favorite of the museum`s annual exhibitions (though it is still only in its third year) is the Tsukuba Media Art Festival – Science and Art, which opened this past Saturday the 26th and will run through the 4th.


Perhaps the most important and exciting “works” at this small exhibition are those which let you experience virtual reality. Take a virtual trip in this “pod” and at another installation put on some goggles that will let you discover virtual reality within virtual reality – pretty mind-blowing!

Plastic railroad tracks (PURA REIRU)

If you`ve got got any pre-K boys they will cry out with glee when they recognize that these works of art have been made using the popular plastic railroad tracks called PURA REIRU

I guess I`ve always had a soft-spot for contemporary art, which if not always beautiful in a traditional sense, can at its best be eye-opening, exciting, disturbing and most importantly extremely funny – making you laugh out loud. It can also get you to look at life and the world around you in new ways.

And though I wouldn`t say that this year`s showing has gotten me to rethink the universe, it is an experience for all your senses, fun for the whole family, short and sweet and perfectly representative of Tsukuba – the “Science City”.

Oh – and it did get me to laugh out loud a few times!

The Tsukuba University students and alumni who have created the works (or are just helping out there) will do their best to explain each installation in English – though you`ll probably come away thinking that a school which is making such strides in technology and design will have to try to take their language instruction program to a better level!


At this installation, you put on this strange suit, get on the exercise bicycle and start pedalling. I wont tell you what happens next – don`t want to give away the surprise!


Before you get on the bike you don one of these specially designed suits.

A zany work from last year`s Tsukuba Media Art Festival !

A zany work from last year`s Tsukuba Media Art Festival !

Meiwa Denki`s videos are hillarious - you can see more on utube - https://www.youtube.com/user/MAYWADENKI/

Meiwa Denki`s videos are hillarious – you can see more here



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