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Wall-Charts Above Urinals Help Men`s-Room Users to Monitor Hydration Levels


Wall-Chart inside a Tsukuba University Men`s Room

Wall-Chart inside a Tsukuba University Men`s Room

By Avi Landau

I have long extolled the virtues of the contemporary Japanese restroom. There is undoubtedly no other country I would rather be in WHEN NATURE CALLS while I am out somewhere about town. Stalls are immaculately clean and spacious, seats are heated and a control panel on the side offers numerous optional functions- massage, bidet, and blast of sound which drown out any embarrassing bodilly noises which you might emit while “doing your business”

Best of all is the fact that the full length doors provide COMPLETE PRIVACY – something which I think is not offered at public rest-rooms in any other country in the world.

And just when I thought things lavaratorial could not get any better in this country, I discovered a further leap forward in Japanese rest-room culture – though perhaps in men`s rooms !

Pulling up to one of the urinals in one of Tsukuba Universities buildings (something I will surely being doing more frequently as the weather gets colder !) , my eyes, just about to go out of focus as I prepared to tune-out as I relieved myself- something that seems to take longer as I get older- fell upon something I had never seen before in such a place (or any other place for that matter- A PEE CHART- with a gradiated color scale to help make sure you were properly hydrated!

According to the text- IN ENGLISH ! you were best off if the color of your urine corresponded to colors 1,2 or 3 on the chart. If you saw the stream coming out of you looking more like colors 6 or seven you would be seriously dehydrated.

The Japanese text gave recommended drinking small amounts of fluids at regular intervals throughout the day to stay properly balanced.

I noticed that I was a little on the dark side – and after I had zipped up and washed up I made sure to head towards the nearest vending machine ( have I mentioned that Japan is the Major Leagues of the vending machine world ?) to get my color back down to shades 1 or 2 the next time I had “to go”.

What will be next – urinals which can do urine-analyses ? I would not be surprised.

And ladies…. please let me know if there are any similar chart in your w.c.`s. !

Men`s-room at Tsukuba Universitry

Men`s-room at Tsukuba University with “Pee Chart above the urinals


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