A Local Perspective on Life in Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan.

New Website for Tsukuba Residents in Quake Aftermath

I decided that there was too much information to share in a single post, so I made the following website to share more information with Tsukuba residents.


I am doing my best to provide ONLY RELIABLE INFORMATION on this website. I am checking and double checking any information that I receive before I post it so I don’t end up adding to the chaos.

There is also a Facebook group for Tsukuba residents. Please consider joining if you have a Facebook account. Many people are sharing good information here as they find it. I am checking it and posting it to the above website.

Information about the schedule for the rolling power blackouts that will start today can be found here.

Please forward this information to your English-speaking friends in Tsukuba.


  • Mamoru Shimizu says:

    Regarding Food and battery etc.

    Put this information in your mind, but please keep calm.

    *Instant food (noodles, ready made Chinese or Japanese food),bread ,hum and sausages bacons, bananas are almost sold out in super-markets ,convenience stores, those were bought for stocks in future pinch. I saw many apples still on shelves.

    *Many kind of battery were sold out,( preparation for blackouts).

    *Toilet papers were sold out.

    *Other food like raw meat or raw fish there are many on selves.

    *There were many people before cash desks.

    *There were long waiting line of cars for Fuel-stations.

    Those are natural reaction of people to prepare future pinch.

    Be keeping calm. Staying in your own home, I think it will be the best choice.

    Make your own simulation how to react when you have another big earthquake.

    *Run into a bath room is better choice.

    Take care!

    I checked two convenience stores and two supermarkets in Matsushiro area around 10-11am,14/3/2011

  • Avi Landau says:

    Im at Tsukuba Center right now. Though Seibu and the QT Mall are closed Yamaya ( liquor, juice, water, cereal, snacks, cheese,etc) is OPEN.

    Also, the SUNKUS convenience store on the ground floor of QT ( near the TX Station, is well stocked! It will be getting another delivery after 2pm today. If you`d like some sandwiches, riceballs etc, wait around there- as many people are doing.

  • Avi Landau says:

    I just came from the TX Station, and learned that the LAST train today will be at 1:55- which is in about 2 minutes! There will be no more electricity today with which to run the train.

    The Highway buses to Tokyo are not running, either ( I just dropped by at the bus terminal).

  • Avi Landau says:

    Important notice! I finally received word from a physicist whose specialty is monitoring radiation.

    He wrote this to me: We, the members of the radiation science center at KEK, measured the
    radiaion at KEK to prove that there were no radio-activity from the plants.
    The radiation detectors said it was safe.

    We made an agreement with Tsukuba city about radiation safety some years
    So if Tsukuba city demands us to measure radiation, we go around Tsukuba.
    We have already prepared many radiation detectors.

    pecialty is monitoring radiation.

    So it seems that things are still safe around here.

    I will keep you posted

  • Avi Landau says:

    I have heard concerns expressed about the situation at the nuclear power plant at Tokai Mura ( much nearer to Tsukuba than those in Fukushima). Here is a site which monitors radiation in the vicinty of that plant. There is apparently no significant radiation leak as of yet there:


  • Mamoru Shimizu says:

    *nhk news 2200/13mon/3/2011
    *blackout plan for 14/tues./14/3/2011
    *real blackout depend upon supply demand situation
    *area belong same group as 13mon.3/2011

    group 1 1520-1900 (0100= am 1:00)

    group 2 1800-2200

    group 3 0620-1000

    group 4 0920-1400

    group 5 1220-1600

  • Lisa says:

    I am not sure if this is the appropriate place to ask–I found this blog through Google. I am over in the US and have a friend who lives in Tsukuba. Is there anything I can do or send that might be able to help her?

    • Shaney says:

      Lisa, the conditions in Tsukuba are not that bad right now. From tomorrow we will likely have a blackout for about 3 hours. It’s probably better to ask your friend directly what she might like as there is probably nothing specific that she needs (that you can send). Gas, bread, and milk are in short supply, but I don’t think you can do anything about that.

      • Lisa says:

        I wasn’t sure just how bad things were, since we were only able to swap quick emails once. Hopefully she won’t have any need for anything, but I thought it was best to ask.

        Thank you!

  • Mamoru Shimizu says:

    Ibaraki prefecture will not have planed-black out from 15/3/tues./2011

    Official sources (face-book-city hall and nhk tv news have said that ibaraki prefecture including tsukuba will not have planed black-out from today because ibaraki prefecture is earthquake affected prefecture (having like northern part of ibaraki, oarai port).
    It resulted by the governor of ibaraki complainant to Tokyo electric power co.

    I would like to suggest to be careful when the scheduled time of blackout which was mentioned before! For precaution!

  • Avi Landau says:

    I have just received this email from a friend who is monitoring the radiation in Tsukuba ( that is his speciality).

    Here iti is:

    The radiation detector at KEK shows 0.5 micro Sv at pm1:30
    It means there are small amount of radio activity from the plant.
    If this situation continues 3 months, it will over 1 mSv which is
    acceptabel dose the law admits.
    If this situation continues 40 years, it might affect health

  • Casey Rigoni says:

    Dear Avi, I am a friend of your parents and I just spoke to Steve to see how you and your family are doing. Please know that we’re all thinking of you. I hope that Mee-oh, Nick and Noah can come over to the US for awhile, and better still….you too. Stay well and love to all the Landaus. Love, Casey XXXXXXXOOOOOOO

  • peter says:

    I have friends with Pop Circus—I believe they are set up in Tsukuba—if you have any info about the condition of the circus I would appreciate hearing from you.

  • alice says:

    Are you, your family and people in Tsukuba all right? I posted a comment but was surprised that it didn’t appear.