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THINKING Green Grass Group

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THINKING Green Grass Group
~ Invitation to Join the Group and the First Workshop ~

What we do:
Deepen your thinking ability and broaden your vision by communicating with other group members through specific activities such as ‘listening’, ‘speaking’, ‘reading’, ‘watching’, ‘sensing’ in both English and Japanese.

Missing opportunities to use English or Japanese in your everyday life? Language use limited to business or academic fields, and seeking more opportunities for discussion in more relaxed environment? Come and join the workshops organised by the ‘THINKING Green Grass Group’ and create a space to develop ideas in both English and Japanese.

Improve language skills and further develop your thinking through facilitated interaction and engagement with other members. Share your developing thoughts – incipient ideas, specific interests, impressions of books/films and many more – in a series of targeted workshops. By listening to and engaging with other people’s ideas, explore deeper into yourself and the way you convey opinions or feelings – and simply enjoy the process itself in a comfortable atmosphere away from the clamour of the city. Delicious lunch provided.

While overseas experience is not essential, applicants are required to have work experience (such as company or self employment, housework, or post-graduate study). All participants attend both the English and Japanese sessions.

Number of members: Around 30 members

Those who can commute to Tsukuba city and who are able to engage in topics in English and Japanese, regardless of nationality.

Workshop Theme, Date, Venue
Thinking about ‘Learning’ – dialogue based activities, Sunday 1st November, Tsukuba International School
Thinking about ‘Working’- dialogue based activities, Saturday 5th December, Tsukuba Style House

Q&A about the workshops:

Q. Is it possible to participate in the workshops if I am not confident in language skills?
A. Of course! There are two language sessions so as long as you are comfortable with one of the languages, everyone is welcome. The aim of the group is not to focus on language competency.

Q. How are the workshops going to be conducted?
A. There is a facilitator who initiates the dialogues based on the set topic. Depending on the session, you will work in a pair, small groups, as a group or as individuals. Tasks centre on discussion, film, reading and so forth.

Q. What topics will you cover?
A. Topics will include theme based modules such as ‘Learning’ and ‘Working’ and activity based modules which respond to written material and/or media. The list below has more details.

Q. What if I miss a session?
A. That will be fine. Workshops are open-ended and stand-alone. What you learn in the workshops will vary from person to person and the series is not consecutive. However, a group dynamic is essential so regular attendance is recommended.

For further schedule and information, please visit the Green Grass Group blog:

Satoko Okuno
TEL: 070-6511-7139,
Email: green.grass.group09[at]gmail.com

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