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Tsukuba Express Update

In April 2009. the average number of riders on the Tsukuba Express was 27,500 per day. The goal when the Tx was planned was to have at least 20,500 passengers per day by 2009 and 27,000 passengers per day by 2010, so we are one year ahead of the plan. As we reach the five year anniversary of the train line, I think we can say that it has been a resounding success.

The City Hall has officially applied to have the Tsukuba Express line extended to Tokyo Station. While the train is already quite convenient now (especially compared to pre-Tx days), having it connect directly to a major hub like Tokyo Station would make it even more so. Let’s hope this extension gets approved!


  • Rebecca says:

    Since it’s a “success” now, could perhaps they finish the construction of the “Kashiwa-Tanaka” station now? …I think they should do this before they think of plans of extending the line.

  • Shaney says:

    I haven’t heard of that station. Were is it going to be, presuming it gets finished at some point?