A Local Perspective on Life in Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan.

New and Improved Tsukuba City Hall

The City is building a new City Hall near Kenkyu Gakuen Station. It is scheduled to open in May of 2010. The new building will amalgamate all of the city hall departments, so it will no longer be necessary to go to completely different parts of the city to deal with separate issues. However, the City is planning to continue to offer minimal service centers at several locations throughout the city.

Tsukuba Service Center — Tsukuba Health Center (1st Floor)
Oho Service Center — Oho Branch Office (1st Floor)
Toyosato Service Center — Toyosato Health Center (1st Floor)
Sakura Service Center — Sakura Folk Museum
Yatabe Service Center — Shimin Hall Yatabe (1st Floor Lobby)
Kukizaki Service Center — Kukizaki Health Center (1st Floor Office)

The current plan is that some of the present Branch Office buildings will be demolished (Tsukuba, Sakura, Yatabe, Kukizaki) and others will be turned into storage facilities or used for other purposes.

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