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Emperor and Empress to Visit Tsukuba

After a VERY long hiatus (I’ve been too busy at work to post new articles lately), I am coming out of my involuntary retirement to tell you about some exciting visitors…

According to the Tsukuba City Hall website, it seems that we are to have a royal visit on Friday, August 7, 2009.

Map of south and central areas of the drive through.

Map of north areas of the drive through.

The roads around these places will likely be busy on August 7, so it might be a good idea to avoid driving on them if you can.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any additional information at this time, but if I hear of anything else, I will add it here.

One Comment

  • Avi Landau says:

    Already last week (on Thursday), Tsukubans could see that something was up as groups of policemen stood at EVERY intersection along Higashi O-Dori.I wondered what sort of VIP was in town, so I asked one of the officers. they said it was just a rehearsal for the Imperial visit on the 7th.
    Its interesting to watch the Ibaraki Police prepare for the event as BUS-LOADS of plain-clothes officers wearing distinctive RED ARM BANDS (from afar I thought some radical gangs were up to something!)probing the bushes,sewers and anything else which might conceal explosives.
    I would certainly recommend for anyone in Tsukuba on Friday to stand among the cheering, flag waving crowds who try to catch a glimpse of the Imperial couple. Its a special experience- and the police will thank you (for coming out for the occassion)!