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YMCA Ibaraki 2009 Spring Day Camp


YMCA 2009 Spring Day Camp
June 6, Saturday, from 9:30 to 15:30
Venue: Doho Park (YMCA building in case of rain)
Fee: 1,500 yen

This day camp is intended for elementary school children. Kids will participate in various activities such as hunting hike. There will be English speaking staffs and volunteers.

If you are interested in signing up your child for this camp, apply by mailing a postcard with 1. name of the camp, 2. your address, your child’s name, grade, and name of your child’s school, 3. your phone/fax number to YMCA Ibaraki. Deadline to register is June 3, Wednesday.

NPO Ibaraki YMCA Camp
24-7 Higashi Arai,
Tsukuba City, Ibaraki305-0033

Mailing address in Japanese:
NPO法人 茨城YMCA キャンプ係

YMCA Ibaraki’s phone number: 029-852-4128

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