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Lecture on Japanese etiquette for women


Lecture on Japanese etiquette for women:
“Manners Nowadays”

Date: May 17, Sunday, Time: 11:00 (registration starts at 10:00)
Venue: Hotel Grand Shinonome (Onozaki 488-1, Tsukuba City)

There will be a lecture on manners by Kayou Mori, who is the author of many books and often appears on Japanese TV programs, right here in Tsukuba this month. She will talk about manners women should know these days.

This lecture will be entirely in Japanese and no English interpretation will be provided. However, I believe this kind of lecture is beneficial to many women in Tsukuba’s int’l community, especially to those who are working or raising children. Have you ever had a moment when you didn’t know what the proper manner was when dealing with your co-workers, or when you were invited to someone’s house or company? If you can speak or understand Japanese, please feel free to participate!

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