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Where to See the Cherry Blossoms in Tsukuba

Kouhou Tsukuba, the Japanese newsletter published every month by the city hall, has an article on the places to see cherry blossoms in Tsukuba. Here are their recommendations.

Norin Research Complex in Kanondai
The road that runs down the center of this complex of research institutes is lined with about 2km of cherry trees. Just be careful of MAJOR traffic jams in this area during high season.

Tsukuba Koen Street
This refers to the pedestrian path that runs north and south through the central part of the city.

Hojo Oike at Hojo 1477-1
Cherry trees planted around a pond within sight of Mt. Tsukuba. A very beautiful scene.

Sports Fields, University of Tsukuba
The mountain cherries which have sprouted up naturally around the sports fields offer a different kind of beauty from the usual planted cherry trees.

Walkway around Hirasuna and Oikoshi Dormitories, University of Tsukuba
There is a path with planted cherry trees that runs for about 1km near these dormitories. The path becomes a tunnel of cherry trees during the peak blossoming time.

Expo Memorial Park at Miyukiagaoka 6
Cherry trees are planted around the pond. A must-see during the peak blossoming time.

Akatsuka Park at Inarimae 11
This park is at the southern end of the pedestrian pathway that runs through the middle of Tsukuba. The mountain cherry trees surrounding the pond and the hanging sakura trees are the key points of this site.

Takasaki Shizen no Mori at Takasaki 1078-1
There is a large garden in the middle of this park and the moss phlox (known as lawn cherries — 芝桜、しばざくら — in Japanese) all come into bloom at once. Also the double-flowering cherry trees (八重桜、やえざくら) make the neighbouring forest come alive in pinks and purples.

Kukizaki Undo Koen at Shimo Iwazaki 2160-10
Famous for its Somei Yoshino cherry trees with Ushiku Marsh (牛久沼、うしくぬま) in the background.

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