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Japanese Classes at Tsukuba Gakuin University

Here’s an announcement from the Tsukuba Nihongo Keyaki-no-Kai. They used to hold classes at Tsukuba Information Center, but they’ve started offering classes at Tsukuba Gakuin University since last year. You can also see this information in the March issue of the Alien Times.



  • Introductry class:for those learning Japanese for the first time
  • Bigginer Ⅰ:for those who can already read and write hiragana and katakana and can have a simple conversation.
  • BeginnerⅡ: for those who have already studied Japanese for more than 6 months and can understand verbs and adjectives conjugation.


  • April 16th(thu) 2009 -September 17th (thu)2009


  • PM 12:30-2:30 Every Thursday (Introductory class 12:30-14:00)


  • In Tsukuba Gakuin University(3-1 Azuma Tsukuba City)


  • 3000 yen (Students are required to purchase are textbook.)


  • April 16 23 30 May 7 14 21 28 June 4 11 18 25 July 2 9 16 September 3 10 17
  • Total 17 classes


  • 9th April(Thu)PM1:00-2:00, at Thukuba Gakuin University cafeteria on the 1st Floor next to the entrance hall

For more information or contact

  • Ms. Kuruta 029-887- 7221 (from PM 7 onward) Ms Hattori 029 -852- 3483
  • nihongo0311[at]yahoo.co.jp

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