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TV Show about Cats

A British television producer contacted me about finding people for a show about cats in Japan. She is looking people who can talk about any of the following topics. If you are knowledgeable on any of these topics and you are interested in speaking on camera about the relevant topic (or if you know someone who is), please contact us.

1. Maneki neko.

2. Bake neko.

3. Japanese bobtail cats. Preferably the person would own a bobtail cat.

4. How cats sense things and how they behave (preferably from a slightly scientific perspective). It would be great if we could get an English-speaking veterinarian or researcher for this one.

Ideally, all of these people would be English-speaking Japanese people, but they will consider filming English-speaking foreign people if they can’t find a Japanese person who is willing to speak in English on camera. They are hoping to find someone who lives “in a rural location but near Toyko” (Tsukuba fits this requirement).

Please contact us if you have any ideas about people who could help with this!

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