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Vet Recommendation: Tsukuba Gakuen Pet Clinic

The following recommendation comes from Ben:

I made a trip to Tsukuba Gakuen Pet Clinic (つくば学園ペットクリニック) last night to take care of necessary preparations for bringing my cat home with me. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable, and they’d clearly dealt with overseas trips before. The veterinarian is a very friendly, energetic man, who took the time to explain things to me thoroughly and handled my cat professionally and gently. We spoke in Japanese, but he peppered the conversation with English words as well so I bet you could get by in just English.

It was a very good experience and I came away with a high opinion of the clinic! I strongly recommend it. They also have fliers with pictures of stray animals brought in seeking homes, so if you’re looking to adopt a cat (which is the way you should do it! pet stores are animal factories, plus really really expensive), try them out.

Here is a web page with their information.

Here is their location on Google Maps.

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