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New Ikea Store to Open on Nov 19 in Misato

Just like the title says, a new Ikea store is set to open on November 19. It is in Shin-Misato, which is a lot closer to Tsukuba than Makuhari, where those with a craving for Swedish furniture have had to go until now. You can get to the new store by taking the Tsukuba Express to Minami Nagareyama, switching to the Musashino line and travelling two stops to Shin-Misato. The trip from Tsukuba (950 yen) should take between 39 and 48 minutes, depending on whether you catch an express or a semi-express train on the Tx line. The store is right near Shin-Misato station, so you should be able to spot it right away.

Ikea Shin Misato
Address: Saitama Prefecture, Misato City, Shin Misato LaLa City 2-2-2
Tel: 048-950-0300
Open: 10:00 – 21:00
Closed: January 1

If you are not sure what kinds of things you can buy at Ikea, have a look at their Japanese commercials online.

(A new Costco is set to open in the same area in 2009.)

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