A Local Perspective on Life in Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan.

History Rewrites Itself…

A poem by Ellen Talleon, resident of Tsukuba, in honour of Barack Obama’s election to the presidency of the United States
November 5, 2008

History rewrites itself …

What a historic, epic moment
There will never be a time
Captured for all eternity
That will thrill and dazzle
As today.

When a Man of Color
Stands in the threshold
Of a portal so long
Open only, so it seemed
To the Whites in color and race.

When a Man of two races
As diverse as black and white
Origins as divergent
As East, West and North
Comes to the pinnacle
Of ultimate power in the
Western world.

Will such defining moment
Help redeem the world as
It stands on such turmoil
Material as well as spiritual
That it needs a country
As huge and overpowering
Led by a certain kind of Man
To turn it right again?

And will the Man of Color
Stand true to his promise
To make a difference
To serve the world
Even outside borders
And heal all rifts and
Bridge all divides
Of color and faith.

Will such an event
Be a momentous
Triumph of the human spirit
As it strives to redefine
Itself into what is right
And Fair and destined by Fate?

Ask me later, not today
For who can foretell
What will transpire
Beyond the glory and sheer greatness
of today’s special moment in history.

One Comment

  • Avi says:

    There are dramatic and historic moments which have come to define each generation.
    I remember my grandparents asking their contemporaries- Where were you when you first heard the news of Pearl Harbour?
    My parents would ask friends- where were you when Kennedy was shot?
    It is common to ask- Where were you when the World Trade Center was hit?
    While most Americans probably learned of Obama`s victory at home, as it was late at night in the US, those of us in Japan yesterday first heard the dramatic news sometime in the afternoon(because of the time difference).
    Thus, we can ask each other- Where were you when Obama won?
    Well, let me tell you where I was.
    I was teaching a Tsukuba City sponsored class called Singing Song of The 1960`s.
    We study the lyrics of the great protest songs- anti-vietnam war songs, songs of the civil rights movement etc…
    Yesterday, we had just finshed a rousing version of If I had a Hammer( its a hammer of justice, its a bell of FREEDOM….)
    and were studying the lyrics to Dylans Blowin in the wind(how many roads must a man walk down before you can call him a man?)
    It was then I got a call from a friend giving me the results.
    I knew it was about the election so I took the call, and announced the results.
    There were tears in many students eyes.