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Guest Room in Tsukuba

The following is a post from Mohammad. If you are looking for an inexpensive place to stay while you are in Tsukuba, please contact him at tsukubastay[AT]yahoo.com.

I am living in Tsukuba city with my Japanese wife and children for 8 years. Our house is Japanese traditional style and we have enough space to accept some tourist from any kind of country. From before, I was thinking, why there is not any cheap hotel for foreigner in Tsukuba city? I am working as a researcher at one of the national institutes in Tsukuba city and I saw and heard about this problem from many foreigners. For this reason, I decided to provide our room as a guest room. We (I and my wife) working in the day (Mon to Fri), so we can provide our room from 5:00PM to 9:00AM.

Price for one person 3500 Japanese yen
Price for one person who is primary to high school is 2000 Japanese yen
Less than 7 years old is free

Payment in Dollar and Euro are also acceptable.


  1. Dinner and breakfast is free. We will provide vegetarian meal (almost vegetables produced from our garden). In addition, if you want to cook by self, we will provide our kitchen for you.
  2. Transportation is free (Shuttle) from station to our house and vice versa.
  3. Internet free.
  4. DVD projector home theater free until 00:00
  5. Telephone to abroad be based on actual expense until 00:00
  6. We will use the same bathroom.

We are considering you as a member of our family so please take it easy and relax. We are living in a simple house, and will try to keep clean and comfortable space for you. However, we are not professional managers of a hotel so please don’t expect the same conditions as at a hotel.

For reservations, please send me an email (tsukubastay[AT]yahoo.com) with your complete address and telephone number. Then we will inform you of our address and telephone number. Our house is in the suburbs of Tsukuba City, and it takes 7 minutes by car from Tsukuba center.

We are looking forward to seeing you at our house.

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