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December 2008 Tsukuba Cultural Schedule

Hello Everyone,

Shaney (the wondeful publisher of Tsukublog) and I spoke of offering a rough (emphasis on ROUGH) translation of ‘what’s on’ each month at Nova Hall and Capio. Hopefully, this will be the first installment of what will be a monthly feature. It is a ROUGH translation because, after several experiments, we found the best results by simply machine translating the Tsukuba Cultural Foundation Home Page! Unfortunately (and although I am a translator), no easy way to fix the translation after the computer is done with it. However, it is all understandable. Please go to the following links for further information …




I also apologize for the following descriptions being rather sketchy … the Japanese page provides few details. Please contact the theatres, at the numbers listed, for further details.

Highlights for December (not yet sold out … as appears to be already the Leningrad State Opera Orchestra on 12/22) include the following:

Beethoven’s Ninth on Monday 12/29, at Nova Hall …  Y2000!

A FREE Christmas Jazz Concert on Sunday 12/14

Another FREE Christmas Concert (no details provided) on Tuesday 12/16

A Choir Concert (Y1000) on Friday 12/19

Three different classical and holiday concerts on Saturday 12/20

A FREE Christmas ballet performance on Sunday 12/21

A FREE Piano ensemble concert on Tuesday 12/23

A Doo-Wop concert by the Tsukuba U. Acapella Club on Saturday 12/27

Looking ahead to January, the big event seems to be a perfomance on Saturday 1/10 by members of the National Opera Theater of Leningrad (Y4000).

FINALLY, on a personal note … we bought a house this year out by Yukari no Mori, plan to be here the next 20 years (spent the last 18 years in Tokyo). I hope to get to know many folks.

Happy Holidays!    J.Cohen

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