A Local Perspective on Life in Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan.

Tsukuba City Hall Newsletter: Oct 2008

When you are living in Japan, but you cannot read Japanese very fluently, it may seem like it is impossible to find out about things that are going on. To be honest, even if you can read Japanese, it can be hard to find things out — like the schedule for the events at Tsukuba Capio and Nova Hall. These events used to be listed in the city hall newsletter, but for some reason, the city government decided to stop publishing the information when they went to once-per month distribution of the newsletter. (It used to be published twice per month.)

I don’t always have time to translate the information that I find around Tsukuba, but I think that it is important to at least let people know about it so they can find out more if they are interested. The latest Tsukuba City Hall Newsletter was published today, so I made a list of some of the topics you might be interested in finding more about. The links below all go to pages in the latest newsletter, so the information is all in Japanese. However, if you want to find out more about a particular topic, print out the relevant page or get a copy of the newsletter from somewhere around Tsukuba and find someone to translate the information for you. (Or, you could use it as a reading exercise if you are studying kanji!)

Tsukuba Industrial Fair
October 10-12, 2008
See: Page 1

Tsukuba Culture Festival
November 1-9, 2008
See: Page 2 and Page 3

Rabies Shots for Dogs
See: Page 6

Tsukuba Citizen’s Day
November 30, 2008
See: Page 7

Health Checkup for Students who will Enter Elementary School in 2009
(Children born between April 2, 2002 and April 1, 2003)
See: Page 8

How to Start Receiving Digital Broadcasting
See: Page 8

City-run Kindergartens Accepting Students for 2009
See: Page 9

Nursery Schools Accepting Students for 2009
See: Page 9

October is Ibaraki Tree Month
See: Page 9

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