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Tsuchiura Fireworks Festival 2008

To those who are planning on heading to Tsuchiura/Mito direction, please be advised that the 77th Tsuchiura All Japan Fireworks Competition, a.k.a. Tsuchiura Fireworks Festival will be held this Saturday.

About 800,000 people are expected to come so the streets in and around Tsuchiura City will be EXTREMELY jammed on Saturday. I’ve been told that getting off at the Joban Expressway Tsuchiura Kita or Sakura Tsuchiura Exit could take up to 2 hours if you get there in late afternoon. Getting there by train won’t be any better unless you plan on getting to Tsuchiura by mid afternoon, like 3pm (see this page). Shuttle buses* will leave from Tsuchiura Station East Exit between 3pm and 6:30pm. The fare is 230 yen each way for adults and 120 yen each way for kids. The festival starts at 6pm.

*As you know, there are route buses leaving from Tsukuba Center to Tsuchiura Station, but the festival organizers recommend getting to Tsuchiura by 2:30pm on Saturday. Route buses may not be able to get to the festival site in time, or you may not even be able to get on the bus to Tsuchiura if you try to use the bus in the afternoon.

The 77th Tsuchiura All Japan Fireworks Competition website:
The fireworks site: MAP

You can download information in English here:
The area map:

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