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Jon’s Stunning Victory

Jon Heese, who ran for City Council this past week, has amazed and impressed his supporters (and possibly even himself!) by coming in second!

Tatsuro Igarashi (LDP) came first with 4,463 votes and Jon (no party) came second with 4,011 votes. Forty people ran in the election with 33 people being voted in. A total of 89,364 effective votes were cast. The full record is available on the City Hall website.

Jon says that his first order of business will be “to try and get Joyo and Kanto banks to make their machines bilingual. Ideally they will also allow their customers to withdraw money 24 hours a day, if only from the Seven 11 machines.”

The Tsukuba community congratulates Jon on his impressive win! We look forward to hearing about his adventures in politics!

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