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Ideas about Improving Tsukuba

I am a member of the International Relations Subcommittee of the Tsukuba Science City Network. The committee exists to promote international exchange in Tsukuba, especially as it pertains to science and technology, and it includes various people from research and educational institutes around Tsukuba and representatives of the city and prefectural governments.

The committee has just completed one project and is looking for suggestions about where to focus its energy next. If you have any ideas about how to improve international relations in Tsukuba, please feel free to get in touch with me. Your ideas could include:

  • ways to make Tsukuba a more international city
  • ways to make Tsukuba more appealing to foreign researchers who are invited here
  • ways to make it easier to live in Tsukuba
  • ways to increase the profile of Tsukuba in the world

Feel free to “think big” and brainstorm, as well as coming up with ideas that just need a little bit of work to implement. Your ideas can be in point form, or you can write out a full proposal — anything is fine. I cannot promise that your ideas will be implemented, but I will promise to pass your thoughts on to the committee so they can get an idea of Tsukuba looks like from our perspective and how we might like to improve things.

I am not sure yet when the next committee meeting will be held, but it will probably be in about one month or so. If you come up with any ideas in the meantime, please feel get in touch with me (through TsukuBlog).

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