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New Type of Japanese Language Class for Parents and Kids

New Japanese classes for non-Japanese speaking parents and their elementary school-aged children to start at Tsukuba Gakuin University.

A six-month program called ”Wai Wai Oyako Nihongo Kyoushitsu” (intermediate level JLPT level 3), with financial assistance from the Agency for Cultural Affairs, will begin on September 22nd. This class will be a new type of Japanese class, which will be solely for parents whose children are in Japanese elementary schools. Kids will engage in other activities in Japanese with university students while their parents study Japanese. Lessons will be focused on Japanese conversation with teachers and other Japanese parents, and how to read letters from schools.

Monday classes will be held every week from 4pm, and Saturday classes will be held once a month from 10am. Each class will last for about 2 hours, but there may be occasional “long” classes.

There will be a special open lecture on Japanese elementary schools by a Japanese elementary school teacher on Monday, Sep. 29th from 4pm, with simultaneous interpretation in English and Chinese. If you are interested in attending this special open lecture, please send an email to wai-nihongo [at] hotmail.ne.jp to register.

For details, please see a handout that will be distributed to Tsukuba City elementary schools sometime this week or contact Kanakubo-san.

Registration to the class or open lecture:
wai-nihongo [at] hotmail.ne.jp
Inquiries (Japanese or English):
kanakubo [at] tsukuba-g.ac.jp





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