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Margarine-Free Bakery

I loathe margarine – not only because it cheapens the taste of bread, but because it reportedly damages our health (due to free-radicals).  Recently, due to the massive butter shortage and rising butter prices, many bakeries have resorted to using margarine.  I was very disappointed recently, to eat croissants that tasted like they were made out of pure oil, ick! 

I have written a review about Gris Gris bakery in Sakura (behind ex-Fujiya…) in the past, it is probably still searchable on this site.  I recently go there to buy breads because I can be assured it uses real butter and not its cousin, margarine!  In the past one might have considered it somewhat more expensive than other bakeries, but now that all the other shops have raised their prices, I found Gris Gris to be in fact cheaper (and definitely more superior in taste!).  Croissant for 140yen, rustic bread with tons of chestnuts for 140yen, and so on. 

Now with an 8-month baby, I want to make sure what I buy is not preservative and free-radical packed.  Not too long ago I was told by a friend that PASCO chojuku (sp?) loaf bread does not contain ‘unnecessary’ ingredients and preservatives.  Other major company’s loaf breads, I was told, should be avoided.  They might taste great but think about it – a week and still no mold?  Doesn’t that strike you as scary?  Fresh bakery bread usually molds up in 3 days!  (put your bread to the test: toss some bread into a small plastic bag…wait until you can see black or green mold growing on it – how long did it take?)

Have to run.  Your thoughts?  If you try the bread in a bag experiment, please let me know the results and what bakery’s bread/supermarket bread brand you used.

QUICK NOTE: The bakery is closed on Mon/Tuesdays all August and September, due to the summer holidays.

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