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Fido-Friendly, Alfresco Dining at Cafe Plus 1

It’s nice to eat outside, and Cafe Plus 1 in Sakura Techno Park might be the best place in Tsukuba for an alfresco lunch or dinner. Within the confines of its faux American South-west style adobe courtyard, with its large picnic parasols and industrial-sized fan, even an afternoon meal in midsummer can be pleasant. The food there is always good, reasonably priced, and served in filling portions.

The other day at lunch, I learned something new about Cafe Plus 1. Dogs are welcome in its courtyard eating area, and are even served a dog-dish full of water, which is carried out by the staff on a tray.

So if you’d like to spend some more quality time with your pooch, Plus 1 might be the place for you and Pochi to dine.


  • B says:

    But I have heard they are not very child (young babies, etc) friendly. Is this true? Does anyone know.

  • Avi says:

    Cafe Plus 1 is not what is called in Japan a FAMILY RESTAURANT, which provides toys, crayons, play sets and even baby food. To tell the truth, I have never seen a baby, or child at this stylish restaurant, except for MY OWN, who is always welcomed warmly and quietly, not fawned or doted on. Your child, too, would be welcomed there I’m sure. However, always having a lot of babies around might not be part of this restaurant’s concept. It’s certainly worth trying, especially for lunch.

  • Rachel says:

    No, it is not a family restaurant. My husband (japanese) and I were – very politely – asked to leave when we went there with our two daughters who were aged about one and three years old at the time. They did have a sign in the entrance way (in japanese) which said that it is a child-free restaurant. It may have relaxed this rule a little in the past couple of years though.

  • Avi says:

    That experience must have left a bad taste in your mouth. I don’t think that sign is up anymore, but after hearing your story I would think twice about bringing a child (especially for dinner) there again. I have been there with a one year old, twice, and as I’ve written before, they were coolly receptive. Anyway, it seems like that place has gone to the dogs.