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Fake Police Phishing for Bank Details

Recently, some criminals have been trying to get people to reveal their bank details, including their PIN codes. The criminal will call a person and identify himself as a police officer from the Shinagawa Police Department named “Tanaka” or something like that. He will then say that a man he recently arrested was carrying your bankbook (or that someone has been trying to withdraw money from your bank account) and that you should cancel your bank account immediately. He then tells you to contact the Japanese Bankers Association (which does exist) and gives you a fake number (050-5532-5014). If you call that number, you may be asked to reveal your bank account number and your PIN code.

If you need to close your account for any reason, please do so at the bank and not through any phone number that you have been given. Also, do not reveal your PIN code to anyone.

Source: Hibari-kun Crime Prevention Mail dated July 8, 2008.

Also, car-related thefts are on the rise. If you have a valuable car, do something to protect it, like using an immobiliser. Also, never leave anything valuable in your car, and put any bags that you might be carrying in the trunk when you leave your car so they do not attract attention.

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