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Changes to the Japanese Language Proficiency Test

Over the next couple of years, there are going to be some revisions to the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

1. A new level will be introduced between levels 2 and 3 in 2010, making 5 levels in total. The new system will then consist of levels N1 to N5.

2. From 2009, levels 1 and 2 will be offered in July and all four levels will be offered in December.

3. The questions that have appeared on past tests will no longer be published.

(Source: http://www.jees.or.jp/jlpt/pdf/20080525_jlpt_kaitei_report_en_pre01_0718.pdf)

Also, it seems that they are going to offer a test site in Ibaraki this year.

(Source: http://www.jees.or.jp/jlpt/en/jlpt_guide.html)

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