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You can help Myanmar Cyclone and Sichuan Earthquake Victims!

It’s been very difficult for me to watch the news lately, and I’d like to extend my sympathy to the disaster victims and their families. I am sure there are many of you who feel very frustrated for not being able to offer help to the cyclone/earthquake victims, but there are some things you can do…, even in your living room!

TV Asahi Doraemon Fund
For Sichuan Earthquake and Myanmar Cyclone Victims

Japanese TV station, TV Asahi(テレビ朝日) is currently raising money to help the victims of the earthquake and cyclone. All you need to do is to call 0990-513-006, and listen to the message. 105yen will be donated to the Fund when you listen to the message until the end. Unfortunately, this donation system is only available to NTT landline users and donation cannot be made from cell phones, internet phones or public phones.

For details, visit TV Asahi Doraemon Fund webpage:

Japan YMCA Collecting Donations for Myanmar Cyclone Victims
Kumamoto YMCA collected donations for the Cyclone victims in the local shopping district in Kumamoto City on May 11, and Tokyo YMCA collected donations in front of JR Tokyo Station on May 12. YMCAs in Japan will be accepting donations until May 31. The donations will be sent to Asia Pacific YMCA, then will be delivered to Myanmar YMCA.

Japan YMCA: http://www.ymcajapan.org/

You can also make a donation via bank transfer
from May 9 to May 31.
Send donations to:
みずほ銀行(mizuho bank) 神田支店(kanda branch)
口座番号(account number) 普通(futsuu) 1123669
名義(account name) 財団法人東京キリスト教青年会(zaidan houjin Tokyo kirisutokyo seinenkai)

Make sure to enter “Myanmar(ミャンマー)” before your name.
Contact Tokyo YMCA after you made the donation.
Learn more on Tokyo YMCA website:

Or you can go to a YMCA in your area to donate.
Ibaraki YMCA
24-7 Higashi Arai, Tsukuba City
Phone: 029-852-4128
E-mail: ibaraki@ymcajapan.org

TBS Kangaroo Fund
For Sichuan Earthquake Victims

Japanese TV station TBS is also collecting donations for the earthquake victims through their disaster relief fund.
Call 0990‐51‐6000 to donate 105yen. Please see how this works above.
you can send donations to:
Postal account
口座番号(account number): 00150‐8‐445618
加入者(受取人)名(name): TBSカンガルー災害募金事務局 (TBS Kangaroo Saigai Bokin Jimukyoku)

Make sure to enter 「中国・四川省大地震(China Sichuan Earthquake)」

NTV 24Hour Televison Fund
For Sichuan Earthquake Victims

Send donations to:
Postal account
口座番号(account number): 00160-5-2400
口座名(name): 24時間テレビ (24jikan terebi)

Make sure to enter 「中国・四川省地震(China Sichuan Earthquake)」

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