A Local Perspective on Life in Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan.

Ibaraki Golden Golds Tsukuba Series

If you want to experience the fun of watching a baseball game but you don’t want to go all the way to Tokyo to do so, you can watch some teams from the Japanese Baseball Association play right here in Tsukuba.

The “Ibaraki Golden Golds” are an amateur baseball team managed by Kinichi Hagimoto. The team is playing a series of games in Tsukuba over the next few months.

Saturday, May 17 from 1:30pm
Saturday, June 21 from 1:30pm
Saturday, July 26 from 1:30pm
Wednesday, August 20 from 6pm
Saturday, September 27 from 1:30pm
Saturday, October 25 from 1:30pm

The games all take place at the Sakura Baseball Diamond, which is just beside the Sakura Branch of the City Hall (where you do alien registration). Tickets are 500 yen, 1300 yen, or 1800 yen. You can get a 300 yen discount on the 1300 yen and 1800 yen tickets if you buy them ahead of time.

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