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Harvard Krokodiloes and Cymbeline

Tsukuba City Hall has stopped publishing the Nova Hall and Capio schedules in their newsletter (which has gone from bi-monthly publication to just monthly publication on the first of the month). Since that was the only place I could find the schedules online, I am afraid that I cannot translate them anymore. (Feel free to send your complaints to the City Hall here.)

I did, however, buy some tickets to the Doudou N’Diaye Rose Percussion Orchestra performance this Wednesday and that seems to have resulted in me being put on the Tsukuba Cultural Foundation’s mailing list. I received an envelope from them today. I was hoping that it was the monthly schedules, but it just seems to be pamphlets for two upcoming events. So, for lack of any other information, here are two upcoming events:

The Harvard Krokodiloes, an a cappella group from Harvard University, will be performing at Nova Hall on Thursday, June 19 from 6:30pm. Tickets are 1000 yen for students and 2000 yen for everyone else.

Watch the Kroks perform “Wanna Be Like You”:

And on Friday, August 1, the “Shakespeare for Children Company” (子供のためのシェイクスピアカンパニー) will perform Cymbeline at Tsukuba Capio from 6:30pm. (I think the performance will be in Japanese.) Tickets are 3500 yen for adults and 1500 yen for students of high school age or under. A babysitting service (1000 yen) is available for up to 10 children from ages 0 to 10 years (reserve by July 21).

Tickets for the above can be obtained from the Tsukuba Cultural Foundation (029-856-7007), or from Nova Hall (029-852-5881) in the case of the Kroks, or Capio (029-851-2886) in the case of the Shakespeare performance.

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